Teeth Whitening Specials


Enjoy limited time savings on professional teeth whitening. To make your smile healthier, you can choose a complete hygiene with teeth whitening at a complimentary rate.



Teeth Whitening: Now: £260 instead of £360. Save £100.  The process: You will come at our clinic and we will take impressions to prepare your customised whitening trays. The trays will be given to you either on the same day or we will post them to you in a few days. You will be provided with instructions how to use your whitening kit. The at home treatment takes circa 2 week for completion. It is extremely easy to use and you can daily enjoy whiter and whiter teeth! No damage to your teeth, the whitening treatment is provided by dental professionals. If your teeth are sensitive or if you have had whitening done previously, please ensure to share this information with us.

Teeth Whitening+ Hygiene: Now £320 instead of £440. Save £120. The special includes complete hygiene with airflow polish which removes stains from your teeth. Stains from coffee, wine, tobacco and even certain foods. The hygiene treatment is a must-have at least once per year. It will also allow you to achieve the best whitening results.

ONLY 200 specials are available!

If you are a new patient, you will be required to pay £35 refundable deposit to secure your appointment. 

For any cosmetic treatments such as Veneers, Implants, Gum Contour or Invisalign/Braces over £1000 patients get complimentary teeth whitening.

T&C apply.

Gift Vouchers: If you wish to make a gift, please ensure your provide us with full details of the gift voucher recipient.

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