Dr Aleem-Porcelain Veneers F&Q. The most common questions and answers you should know.

Firstly, we would like to welcome you to this page and we hope the answers Dr Aleem provides in this video are useful and will help you decide what is best for your smile. Our team decided to specifically dedicate a video to the most common questions patients ask during virtual consultations and those questions that people should consider when making a choice about potentially having veneers. We focus more on how we practise veneers and why patients come to us to have Porcelain Veneers. However, you will find information on longevity of veneers, comparison with composite veneers, comparison between preparation and explanation about the process.

Virtual Consultations have become extremely popular and it is interesting to note that there are critical questions that should always be addressed and discussed prior to any treatment. We do pride ourselves in personalised dental care where we spend sufficient time building a relationship and understanding between the clinic and the patient. Our veneers unlike many are mainly non-prep, with no damage to the teeth and in most cases the procedure is painless. Although the questions cover the most asked questions, everyone should have individual consultation with Dr Aleem, we treat every case as it should be treated individually, every case is unique and every patient is unique with their very own preferences.

It is fascinating how the recent lock-down has increased the interest in cosmetic dentistry and smile aesthetics. People are now spending much more time looking at their teeth mainly because of the video calls we all do a lot more than before. We applaud that people understand the importance not only of aesthetics but how the smile affects emotions and confidence. Equally important is the health of the mouth, natural looking teeth, healthy looking teeth is what patients have been asking for and it is what we do here at The Kensington Clinic.

Dr Aleem mentions our outstanding lab technician in California -Craig, once again we would like to mention him here and to celebrate the years of collaboration which has made it possible to offer patients Porcelain Veneers like no other. Hand-made to perfection. It is Dr Aleem’s motto we rather people say to you: You have great teeth, than people say to you your teeth have been done! We hope you enjoy the video, we will be posting separate clips of the video and we will be doing more series of Dr Aleem, the answers you should know. #healthyteethhappiersmile

We look forward to seeing you! For virtual consultations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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