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Virtual consultation also available. £35 refundable deposit required to secure your appointment. Refunded after consultation.

Emergency Appointments Available. 


Various media outlets have published that many dental practices are charging additional PPE fees of approx £25, others are increasing their treatments’ fees. The Kensington Clinic has invested heavily in state-of-the-art air purifying systems like Radic8 as well as full PPE Equipment and other safety measures. However, we would like to let all of our patients know that The Kensington Clinic will not increase our fees and we will not charge patients an additional PPE fee for the foreseeable future. The unprecedented times are challenging for everyone and we would like to keep being loyal to our patients and help them with their dental health.


At The Kensington Clinic the most important concern for us is the safety and comfort of our patients. On your previous visits, you would have noticed that infection control has always been our top priority. Due to the current circumstances, we have taken the opportunity of bringing in and installing additional measures to keep our team and patients’ safe whilst at The Kensington Clinic. Please, read more here.

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