Gummy Smile Treatment

Gummy smile treatment, also known as gum contouring is one of the most performed procedures at TKC. Gummy Smiles are result of uneven or too low gum. The solution is a painless lift that can expose more of your teeth and achieve a symmetrical gum line.  

Why patients choose the treatment? Our patients opt in for the procedure when too much of their gum is on show which often causes cosmetic concerns.

One of the few clinics to use a Waterlase Laser. Pain-Free with Fast Healing times. 

Process and Duration: The treatment can involve multiple different aetiologies. After a thorough examination using the Global Diagnosis Protocol a treatment plan is provided. The plan may include a Waterlase treatment for crown lengthening that has very fast healing times because it is a laser treatment.

Recovery time: Since we use the latest technology, no stitches are needed and thus so we are able provide our patients with smooth post treatment recovery. It normally takes a week to heal.

Take a look at some of our striking before and after cases to see what a difference symmetrical gum line can make. 


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