Many patients travel from across the UK and the world to have a treatment with the cosmetic dentist Dr Aleem. To enable you to start your smile transformation we offer exclusive remote consultations. During the video consultation, you will have 1-1 discussion with Dr Aleem(approx. 30). You can share your goals and concerns, and x-ray images if available. We can also show you treatment pictures we have completed relevant to your case. Remote consultations allow us to plan your personilised journey process from the very beginning. We will work out convenient times for your first at clinic visit and treatment duration which fits your lifestyle and travel requirements.


To request a consultation, please fill the form below and request ”Remote consultation”, you will be emailed information how we will hold the consultation. Most often we use Skype and Zoom.  You can also send us an enquiry by filling the form below.

Please, fill the form below to book a remote consultation. One of our treatment coordinators will be in touch as soon as possible.

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