TKC offers bespoke and comfortable dental implant treatments by providing the most up-to-date technology and highly researched implant systems. Our clinic provides metal free solutions, such as Zirconia Implants for metal sensitive patients and patients who are looking for a holistic approach. 

Why Patient choose implants?

Dental Implants are considered the best permanent and most predictable solution for replacing missing teeth. They act as replacement roots which integrate with your own bone. To this is attached the visible tooth part, or the crown.

Because the implants bonds with the bone, it is the strongest and most long-lasting method of tooth replacement with a very high success rate of up to 98%. 

By replacing the teeth with dental implants; gaps are closed up, ability to enjoy all food returns and the appearance of the mouth and smile is greatly improved. Patients prefer dental implants as the best alternative to dentures and fixed bridges. Dental implants don’t move and feel uncomfortable on day-to-day basis and essentially they look like natural teeth. The natural appearance is achieved via our top rated cosmetic work, all of the ceramic crowns are made in California.

Our clinic provides versatile treatment options to patients. Whether you’re looking to replace a full upper and lower arch of teeth, multiple teeth, or a single tooth, we can do it all with spectacular results.


Single tooth replacement treatment is usually suitable when a tooth is missing already or it is damaged/weak and needs to be removed. A dental implant is the best way to replace a missing tooth. The new tooth is carefully and skillfully crafted to match neighbouring teeth for a completely natural appearance.


Dental Implants are a great way to replace several missing teeth, whether they are individual teeth or missing in sequence. If you are missing several adjacent teeth, they may be replaced with individual implants (one for each missing tooth). Each implant is precisely made to fit perfectly, look and feel as natural teeth.


An implant supported bridge can be used as alternative to fixed bridges and dentures. If you are missing one or a number of teeth, few individual implants can be placed that will connect the crowns together. The pressure on the individual implants in the bone is reduced as it is spread across the entire bridge.

Custom Treatment Planning

The process starts with an initial consultation to learn about the treatment options available, followed by an in-depth clinical assessment. This clinical assessment includes taking clinical photographs, radiographs (X-rays), CT Scan (if required to assess bone), full mouth, gum, and bone health check. Therefore a bespoke treatment plan is created outlining treatment stages, and the best type of dental implants and size are selected.


Modern – Dental Implants is the second most carried out treatment in our clinic after Porcelain Veneers. Our practice is dedicated to providing cutting-edge Dental Implant treatments, and we are continually investing in our SKILLS and TECHNOLOGY from all over the world to bring you the best care at the most affordable cost.

Efficient – We implement the latest protocols to shorten treatment times, increase predictability and minimise treatment costs and time.

Advanced – We have solutions for everyone, including those who have been told that they do not have enough bone for dental implants, or who may have been told that they require large bone graft procedures.

  • Pterygoid and Zygomatic Implants available.
  • Made from titanium alloy which is stronger than pure titanium.
  • No Bone solutions available.
  • Preserve a healthy bone.
  • Metal Free Solutions available-Zirconia Implants

See some of the hundreds B&A cases we have successfully completed in our Smile Gallery.

TKC also provides the latest All-on-4 and All-on-6 Dental Implant Solutions. For more information, please click here.

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