Dental Veneers & Crowns

TKC offers a range of Cosmetic Procedures to improve your smile. From small subtle enhancements, through to full smile makeovers. Whether it be dental veneers or dental crowns, we can help you achieve the aesthetic smile you have always wanted. Dental Veneers is our specialty and it is the treatment we carry out the most. To date we have done hundreds of cases with prime focus on non-cutting Porcelain Veneers & Smile Design. 

-A veneer is thin layer of material that covers the front of the tooth.-

-A crown covers the weak tooth completely and protects it.-

Designed in the UK, Hand-Made in California

TKC only uses the latest technology and highest quality materials thus providing each of our patients with Natural, Aesthetic and Long-term solutions. TKC is the only clinic in the UK to work with one of the 37 master ceramist in the world accredited by the AACD. All of our ceramic work is designed in the UK and hand-crafted by the celebrity ceramist Craig Galbraith in California. Your tailor-made veneers/crowns are then placed by the well-known cosmetic Dentist Dr. Sheraz Aleem.

Watch Dr Aleem removing old veneers with a Waterlase laser. Pain-free and no damage to your natural teeth.

On this video Dr Aleem is placing 4 Porcelain Veneers. At the end you will see patient’s after result.

A cosmetic secret that patients often choose is having teeth whitening on the remaining natural teeth. In this way their new veneers/crowns can match their natural teeth and be shades lighter than before. See more info on our whitening options here.

I went to see dr. Aleem from Denmark because I wanted 3 veneers removed from my front teeth with the waterlaser. According to research, this technique is the most gentle way to remove veneers, which was very important to me, as I experienced chronic sensitivity on one of my front teeth and didn’t want to risk further damage to the tooth. I was told by my dentist that a root canal treatment was the only option to eliminate the pain. I saw clips of dr. Aleem removing veneers on Youtube and booked an appointment. He removed the veneers within apx. 10 minutes and all 3 easily came off in one piece!
But the best part of the treatment was that dr. Aleem removed the sensitivity by putting desensitizing fluids on the tooth, which helped immensely. Thanks to dr. Aleem’s considerateness and professionalism I’m no longer thinking about getting a root canal treatment and my teeth are in the best shape to get new veneers. Very friendly and helpful staff as well.

Violet Ironstone, Google Review
See why Dr. Aleem is the Cosmetic dentist of choice by hundreds of patients. Show me Smile Gallery.

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