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Premium Quality Dental Veneers and Crowns is our specialty and it is the treatment we carry out the most. To date we have done hundreds of cases and our most popular treatments are  non-cutting Porcelain Veneers & Smile Design. 

Dr Sheraz Aleem is a leading Smile Design dentist who practices by the principle of uncompromising quality, innovation and non-invasive dentistry. He is the only one who offers premium quality, non-prep veneers (no shaving of natural teeth). Dr Aleem exclusively works in the UK with one of the only 37 master ceramist in the world, accredited by the ACCD. Our California based lab who is responsible for many of the Hollywood smile transformations,each unit is hand-made to achieve lifelike results. Dr Aleem patients travel from across the UK and the world to specifically have a treatment with him. Many patients visit us because we are one of the very few offering non-invasive removal of old ceramic units with the state-of-the-art Waterlase laser.

0% Finance. Long-Term Guarantee. Pain-Free.

-A veneer is thin layer of material that covers the front of the tooth.-

-A crown covers the weak tooth completely and protects it.-



Impeccable Detailing
Each unit is hand-made and crafted to perfection. Excellent detailing in every step of the way: Translucency, Shape, Size, Texture, Gloss, Colour, Tailored to suit your facial structure and requirements. Function and look like natural teeth.

At the forefront of contemporary

Cosmetic Dentistry

Impeccable Detailing

Each unit is hand-made and crafted to perfection. Excellent detailing in every step of the way: Translucency, Shape, Size, Texture, Gloss, Colour, Tailored to suit your facial structure and requirements. Function and look like natural teeth.

Top Quality

Hand-made by one of the only 37 Master Ceramist in the world accredited by AACD who exclusively works with Dr Aleem in the UK.

Customised Process

From start to finish your journey is tailored to you. You are fully informed and we only do the final unit placement when we are all content with the outcome.


Dr Aleem and our technician have many years of experience and are able to provide patients with natural looking results where the units mimic the anatomy of the tooth, the bite is also cleverly considered so the units do not compromise on the biting abilities of the tooth.


Our lab technician makes feldspathic ceramic units, ultra thin veneers which when bonded on the tooth looks like a natural tooth and does not have a”bulky”, artificial appearance.

Why our cosmetic work is preferred by patients?

Three Main reasons

Experience & Knowledge

Exceptional quality and treatment

Excellent customer service in a modern environment

Why veneers or crowns?

Porcelain Veneers and Crowns are treatments of choice by patients who have cosmetic concerns or are simply seeking to improve their smile. Other patients have real ongoing issues such as:Gaps in between teeth, small or too big teeth, too short teeth, crooked, crowded teeth, worn out teeth or discolored teeth.

Some patients continue to having Porcelain Veneers or Crowns as a result of a preceding treatment like: gum disease, gummy smiles or root canal treatment. Porcelain Veneers are also a preferred choice by people who wish to have a whiter smile. Porcelain Veneers do not stain and so prove to be a better alternative to preserve whiter teeth.

TKC Veneers v Lumineers

TKC Veneers and Lumineers, where the latter is a brand name, have some similarities such as being equally thin and being reversible. Reversible means that the units can be removed, which in our clinic happens without any damage to the natural tooth. However, there are some significant differences between what we offer and what lumineers can achieve.

TKC Veneers

  • More versatile and suitable for a variety of cases

  • Hand-made, perfected art in making lifelike veneers, adding natural texture,translucency and detailing without making the veneers thicker

  • Able to hide discoloured or damaged teeth

  • Last longer than traditional veneers and lumineers, 15-25 years.


  • Not suitable for many cases

  • Clear ceramic lacking detailing such as texture

  • Not as good at hiding discoloured or damaged teeth

  • Do not last as long as traditional veneers and TKC premium veneers

Experience High-end Dentistry

Designed and placed in London. Hand-crafted in California.

Make an impact with your after SMILE

Before Before
Before Before
Before Before

Watch Dr Aleem removing old veneers with a Waterlase laser. Pain-free and no damage to your natural teeth.

Jon had a Waterlase laser treatment with our periodontist. After his gum healed, he then had 10 non-cutting porcelain veneers with Dr Aleem.

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I went to see dr. Aleem from Denmark because I wanted 3 veneers removed from my front teeth with the waterlaser. According to research, this technique is the most gentle way to remove veneers, which was very important to me, as I experienced chronic sensitivity on one of my front teeth and didn’t want to risk further damage to the tooth. I was told by my dentist that a root canal treatment was the only option to eliminate the pain. I saw clips of dr. Aleem removing veneers on Youtube and booked an appointment. He removed the veneers within apx. 10 minutes and all 3 easily came off in one piece!
But the best part of the treatment was that dr. Aleem removed the sensitivity by putting desensitizing fluids on the tooth, which helped immensely. Thanks to dr. Aleem’s considerateness and professionalism I’m no longer thinking about getting a root canal treatment and my teeth are in the best shape to get new veneers. Very friendly and helpful staff as well.

Violet Ironstone, Google Review

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