Same Day All-on-4 & All-on-6 Implants

All-on-4 and All-on-6 implants are solutions for patients with compromised bone and are used as a replacement of the uncomfortable dentures without the need to place a single implant for every missing tooth. Thanks to advances in dental implant technology and our in-house expertise, TKC doctors can attach an entire row of upper or lower teeth in a day using as few as 4 or 6 precisely placed implants.

The stronger alternative to dentures

Helping patients regain their confidence back and enjoy day-to-day life!

All-on-4 implants is a technique used when the patient needs a full arch reconstruction. The process involves placing only 4 individual implants; two straight anterior implants and two implants tilted up to 45º in the posterior. That provides the patient with a fixed full-arch prosthesis with immediate loading on the day of the surgery. Whether you need full arch or full jaw rehabilitation, All-on-4 implants is a quick solution to achieve comfortable lifestyle and natural looking teeth.

All-on-6 implants is a full mouth restoration solution where 6 implants are placed to hold up to 14 unit bridge.  All-on-6 dental implants is biomechanically stronger and simpler to maintain than its predecessor All-on-4. It is also more cost-effective due to the efficiency and stability of the technique.The treatment is also preferred by patients with severe gum disease when the bone requires stronger support or when the bone is severely compromised. Similarly to All-on-4, this treatment provides a fast solution with immediate loading on the same day of surgery.

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Whether you have missing teeth or you have been suffering with gum disease,and you need to have full arch/mouth restoration, we are here to help you achieve a healthy and natural looking smile!

The only clinic offering Pterygoid implants for complex cases

Tailor-Made Treatment Planning

The Kensington Clinic is widely known for our unique patient’s approach and excellent pre, during and after treatment care. Full mouth-restoration is no different, it is our priority to ensure you enjoy the process as much you will enjoy the spectacular final results. We will  invite you in for an  initial consultation to inform you about the treatment options available, followed by an in-depth clinical assessment. This clinical assessment includes taking clinical photographs, radiographs (X-rays), CBCT Scan (if required to assess bone and available in-house), full mouth, gum, and bone health check. Dr Aleem then prepares your very own and bespoke treatment plan  outlining treatment stages, and the best type of dental implants and size is selected. You will be provided with a complete step by step guide by your dentist and treatment coordinator. 

 Smile Transformations

Our patient suffered from severe gum disease and his teeth became wobbly. He had a compromised bone he was told he cannot have all-on-4/6 implants. When he came to see us, we did bone grafting and placed all-on-6 dental implants on both arches. The results are superb.

This patient suffered gum disease and had wobbly teeth, a common issue among patients who see this treatment. The case took just over three months since loading the implants in one day, temporary prosthesis in between and then placing the final prosthesis with life-like porcelain crowns.

Our patient hadn’t seen a dentist in a while before he came to us from a recommendation. The bone was very compromised. We placed Pterygoid implants(6 on each arch) to achieve the strongest hold suitable in this patient case.
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What our patients say

I saw Dr Aleem on a recommendation from a family member after having traveled all over Central London (Harley Street) and Europe (Turkey and Budapest) for a solution.

All my teeth had become very loose, my gum line heavily reduced and I could see heavy bone loss after CT scans were carried out, this was all caused by years of smoking, my very sweet tooth and high intake of very sugary drinks (Coke, Ribena and Red-Bull), genetics as well as years of neglect and fear of the dentist’s chair – I know it shouldn’t happen to a 42-year-old.

I needed dental implants for full upper and lower jaw, the solutions offered was not to my satisfaction as most of them said I would require bone grafts over a 12-month period before any implants can be placed, the other alternative was to go for the very expensive Zygoma implants.

I was very nervous and did not want to go under the knife 5 times for the bone grafts and implants, this is where the permanent upper and lower “Teeth in a day” option using Pterygoid implants offered by Dr Sheraz Aleem was too good to be true.

After much research into all various implant options available I took up Dr Sheraz Aleem and the teams offer. The procedure was carried out over two days due to the severe infection on my gums and bone, the first procedure on upper jaw lasted 4 hours (All on 6) and second procedure three weeks later for lower jaw (All on 4) took less than 2 hours. The recovery for each procedure was no more than 3-4 days I have since gone from a temporary bridge to permanent one in under 2months.

Before this procedure I dreaded the thought of losing my teeth and facing a lifetime of dentures. I hated the thought that I would have to take my teeth out for cleaning, and not be able to eat all the things I enjoy. I got myself upset thinking about how the teeth would look and feel and how my facial structure would change. I really don’t feel this way anymore with the permanent solution I now have, the final results are far better than I could have imagined.

Dr Sheraz Aleem and the team have changed my life by returning my smile and self-confidence, I am now living a pain free – I only wish I had met the team a lot sooner. – Anwar Ali, Google Review

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