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TKC Smile Design may involve multiple treatments which at the end fully transform our patients’ smiles. For example a patient may have a full jaw or a full mouth treatment that includes: Teeth straightening, dental implants and placing new crowns and veneers. Other patients may have full mouth veneers only. SMILE DESIGN is Dr Aleem’s signature treatment he performs most regularly. Our lead cosmetic dentist is highly experienced in advanced wear and complex cases. Regardless how your teeth look now, we can certainly help you to transform your smile too.  Dr Aleem has  completed thousands of cases to date and has years of experience in the field, giving patients natural, lifelike results that not only improve smile aesthetics but the quality of life too.




1.On your very first visit at our practice, you will spend one hour of a complete clinical assessment with Dr Aleem. During the assessment, you will discuss your goals, concerns, look at similar cases to yours and then spend time with your dedicated treatment coordinator to plan convenient appointments, finance if necessary and further details about your treatment process.

2: The Smile Design process starts now. During your second visit, you will start the treatment whether with non-invasive preparation or with teeth straightening if you require one. We will perform a digital scan to take precise measurements of your teeth which then will be used to prepare your very own waxup(trial smile). If you do not want a waxup, we will place temporary units which you will wear until the final fit. During this appointment, we will go in detail about the shape, size, form and colour of your teeth.

3: Trial Smile day. If you have requested a trial smile, we will use the waxup to prepare your very own mock-up which essentially is temporary units specifically designed according to the digital scan and requests you have previously made. This mock-up will help you visualise and feel the end results. By wearing the temporary units, you will be able to make design changes before we make the final units.

4: Final fitting day is when your smile transformation takes place. We will place all units in a single appointment. From then on, you can start enjoying your new, natural looking and healthy smile. We will not stop here. Expect regular calls to check on how you are feeling and also to invite you in for your regular reviews.


Watch this incredible journey. It all started with Invisalign(Teeth Straightening) and it ended with 23 Non-cutting Porcelain Veneers.



Dr Aleem is widely known for his expertise and principle of no compromises. He only works with the most innovative technology, materials and laboratories.

  • 1-1 informative clinical assessment including x-rays.

  • Customised treatment process from start to finish.

  • Non-cutting veneers and crowns. We do not cut your natural teeth.

  • Laboratory based in California. Hand-made ceramic work by one of the only 37 master ceramist in the world who exclusively works with Dr Aleem in the UK.

  • Privacy of patients kept private. If you do not wish your images to appear on our website or wish to block appointments before and after your appointment we will do that.

  • Modern technology to remove old ceramics and prepare teeth for treatment. No cutting involved. One of the few clinics to use a Waterlase laser.

  • Pain-free process, no injections required.

  • Precision to detail. We will not call a case completed until you are completely satisfied with the final results.

  • Trial Smile: Visualise, request changes and get a real feel of the end results.

  • 12 Months Free of charge Reviews

  • Long-Term Guarantee.

  • Dedicated treatment coordinator before, during and after treatment.

  • Exceptional post-treatment care.

& at the end you will get a TKC Gift Pack along with a Membership card which features ongoing specials at our clinic and partners in London.




Elizabeth's Story. Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Elizabeth had old and worn out veneers and wanted them replaced. This spectacular Smile Design case included 18 Custom-made Porcelain Veneers and Crowns which compliment her facial structure and give her a more youthful appearance.


Looking for a smile makeover, but you are experiencing nervousness to go to the dentist? Maybe you are wondering how long the process will take? Whatever concerns you have, we are here to help you and provide you with long-term solutions. Our team is highly trained to manage anxiety and we offer patients Oral and Intravenous Sedation. Our clinic provides patients with calming techniques such as playing relaxing music, relaxing scents, refreshments as well as blocking appointments before and after your treatment. To find out more about our relaxation techniques, please use the contact buttons below.

Do you have old ceramics which have severely worn out? We can help, we will assess your case and provide you with a Waterlase laser treatment to remove the old units without any damage to your teeth. Watch here.

Many patients travel from across the UK and the world to have a treatment with the cosmetic dentist Dr Aleem. To enable you to start your smile transformation we offer exclusive remote consultations. During the video consultation, you will have 1-1 discussion with Dr Aleem. You can share your goals and concerns, and x-ray images if available. We can also show you treatment pictures we have completed relevant to your case. Remote consultations allow us to plan your personilised journey process from the very beginning. We will work out convenient times for your first at clinic visit and treatment duration which fits your lifestyle and travel requirements. Book a remote consultation here.

To request more information or to book an appointment, please ring us on:0207 603 3008. Alternatively, click the button below to fill the contact form.