Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is extremely popular treatment at our practice especially as a subsequent of another treatment a patient of ours is having.  Patients choose TKC to perform teeth whitening due to our well-known and high quality cosmetic work but also because we provide a safe treatment without damages to the tooth surface.  

We offer two types of teeth whitening options which can give you 5- 7 shades lighter teeth. We have at home and at clinic treatments completed in 2 stages. 

Your teeth whitening process will start with at home gel kit. You will be guided precisely how to use them by your dentist.

You will visit us only two weeks after you have completed the at home treatment. Upon the second and final stage, your dentist will perform whitening treatment with gels and laser.

Why Patients choose TKC?

Some patients come in purely to get teeth whitening procedure as a result of teeth discolouration and darker looking teeth. Both can be caused by smoking, drinking red wine, coffee, tea and even so some mouthwashes. Yet in most cases we treat, patients use teeth whitening as a combination treatment with: veneers, implants and crowns. In this way our patients enjoy whiter teeth that are also matching the colour of their veneers. Some patients choose to do Porcelain Veneers entirely instead of teeth whitening, mainly because Porcelain Veneers do not stain like natural teeth. If you also prefer veneers, please click here.

Nearly all of our patients have a hygiene treatment at first regardless of their whitening treatment of choice. Complete hygiene treatment would remove plaque and stains on your teeth, which is absolutely necessary in order to achieve the best final results.

Before & After

See our patient’s Before and After images below. Sharmeen had 2 weeks of at home-whitening treatment. Her teeth are now whiter and look very natural.

After the 2 weeks session she also had a small composite done to correct a deep stain on her second front tooth.

Read Sharmeen’s blog post here: britpakgirl.com

To get 2 kits, second one half price. Please, contact us today before the offer ends: 0207 603 3008