Gum disease is caused by bacteria rich plaque and tartar on the teeth. This bacteria causes harmful chemicals to irritate the gums and cause bleeding.
When the plaque is not effectively removed daily, gums become swollen and bleed, and over time gums pull away from teeth, causing periodontal pockets. These pockets then become an area for more plaque and tartar to build up and the problem can progress even further, resulting in teeth becoming loose.

Process and Duration

Our periodontist is a specialist dentist that only carries out advanced gum treatments, and can help to reverse the damage caused by gum disease. After a thorough consultation, a detailed plan is put together for your gum care. Periodontic treatment comprises of home and practice-based care. It is essential you have good oral hygiene to prevent the development of plaque. Your periodontist will advise you on the best way to clean your teeth at home and maintain good oral hygiene.

We use a Waterlase laser system to assist with gum treatment, the modern technology allows us to perform non-invasive with treatment with fast healing times. Duration varies and it depends on the severity of your gum disease.

Why Patients choose The Kensington Clinic

The Kensington clinic is equipped with the latest materials and technology to provide patients with the most recent and effective solutions. Our specialist periodontist Dr Sulaman Anwar is highly respected in the industry and has got years of professional experience. He has helped hundreds of patients to reverse the damage caused by gum disease/gum problems. Many clinicians and practices refer their patients to Dr Anwar. He is very well-known for his skillful ability to use the innovative Waterlase laser to treat gum disease.

Most of our patients choose our clinic as we are one of the very few to have the state-of-art laser and expertise in-house. The Waterlase laser treatment in particular is the most performed gum treatment by our periodontist. 

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