Invisalign is a treatment of choice at the Kensington Clinic. Our practice is fully equipped to offer the most advanced and latest teeth straightening technique. We offer patients the opportunity to get a Clincheck which will enable them to see how their teeth may look after the treatment before they have even started.  Invisalign is a preferred alternative to braces because it is nearly invisible, easy to take off while eating, easy to clean and it often takes from 4-6 months to complete the treatment.

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Why have Invisalign?

Close up gaps between teeth

Straighten crooked teeth

Realignment of crowded teeth

Remove overbite- front teeth overlap too much

Close open bite- some teeth aren’t contacting

Fix an orthodontic relapse

Align teeth for non-prep veneers

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Impressions and digital scans should always be taken by a dental professional. Accuracy is crucial for any aligners’ style treatment.

Essential full examination. Monitored by dentist throughout. Critical x-rays taken.

As highly experienced dentists we believe teeth straightening is a process that should be always monitored by and performed by a dentist in a dental practice. There are many online based aligner system”do it yourself” type,like smiledirect. We firmly believe you should not have to do this yourself. You are investing in your own teeth and smile to achieve the best outcome possible in the longer run. Therefore, you deserve to be looked after every step of the way.

In our opinion a full  dental examination and prescription should be carried out as per CQC orthodontic guideline.

Critical x-rays must be taken to check if you have no hidden gum problems or other potential bone issues, hidden decay, or anything that will compromise your treatment. Aligners should never be placed before a thorough examination and before any issues are solved.

Wear your aligners more, enjoy straighter teeth sooner. On average treatments are completed in 4-6 months.

Wearing your aligners overnight slows down the straightening process. We  firmly believe this will not deliver results as expected since the aligner treatment relies upon wearing the aligners for a min.of  20-22 hrs per day.

Orthodontic relapses can result in more expenses, cause complications and a re-treatment may take longer to fix.

Orthodontic relapse is the biggest cause for re-treatments. Most of the cases we see are re-orthodontic treatments. We give patients fixed and removable retainers, we regularly check on how you are and invite you in for essential reviews 6 months after you completed your treatment at no extra cost.

The most common questions. Is Invisalign better than Braces, and more.

The difference between Invisalign and online only based systems.



Hundreds of treatments performed

Your Journey to Straight Teeth

On avg. 4-6 months for completion

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Watch Basit’s story below and see his B&A photos. His treatment took only 6 months to complete.

21 weeks of Invisalign, 1 non prep veneer and teeth whitening


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